Diversion safes instead of deposit safes

Published: 20th August 2009
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There are several different types of safe that makes sure your valuables are guarded and stored out of the way. One more solution is a diversion safe. This type of safe is disguised as a common-or-garden object, such as a wall socket, paint can, soup can, cleaning fluid bottle or other. As you can imagine, these safes are a variety of different sizes to authentic next to the genuine objects that they imitate. Also, many types are weighted correctly.
Diversion Safes are a creative portable safe solution. They are not needed to be maintained, are inexpensive and there is no fitting or upheaval finding a place for them. The majority of Diversion Safes are sealed with a screw base as the main security feature is the fact they are hidden and not suspected as anything valuable.
Diversion safes can be a great solution for miniscule high worth items like jewelery or papers. For an easy, security solution they are well worth a look.
The downside with diversion safes is if they are found. Once they are discovered they are simply screw top devices and your valuables are accessed inside seconds.
There are far more total solutions when you get to a more standard type of safe. The safety is based on locking mechanisms, there are hand, biometric, key code and key locking mechanisms available and these vary in security levels and price.
In addition to this, items stored in traditional or diversion safes are still susceptible to fire with these units so do consider, and be conscious of this before purchase . If you are feeling that an increased level of security or security with added fire protection is required you will have to have a look at a more significant safe solution. Fire Safes will achieve this but will need pro fitting.

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